About Wind N Sea Swim Team

Please find below all you need to know about our team: our mission, when and where tryouts are, when and where we swim, equipment you will need for practice and meets, our practice groups and the standards you need to meet for each, team policies on bullying and more.

WSST mission statement

The mission of Wind N Sea Swim Team is to provide a positive, fun, and competitive swimming environment utilizing a professional coaching staff, and assisting youth in their growth as individuals and life-long swimmers.

Do you want to become a member of the Wind N Sea Ospreys

We are a USA Swimming team that practices year-round at the beautiful Coggan Family Aquatic Complex. Designed to accommodate all different levels of swimming for ages 6 to 18, Wind N Sea Swim Team (WSST) provides a fun and exciting environment to improve your stroke technique, conditioning and competitive spirit. Coaches Pam and Paton share their love of the sport and maintain an atmosphere of team spirit and unity. Swimming is truly an amazing and life-changing experience. Bring your swimsuit, towel and a friend and come check us out!


Tryouts are held at the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex (see below) at 4 pm the first Wednesday of every month, unless it falls on a holiday or break. Check the calendar page or home page for more details.

Getting started

Everyone should receive email invoices when dues are due. Bring cash/check payment to practice as soon as possible. Be sure you are registered with USA Swimming if you are not already. Click here for a registration form. This needs to happen by January 1st. Please get this done today.

Familiarize yourselves with this website. For meet schedules and meet results, use our Calendar page. You can find team records and time standards on the San Diego Imperial website (our local US Swimming committee) plus all you need to know about how swim meets work on our meet info page.

Our Local Swim Committee (LSC) (San Diego-Imperial) website is also very useful and has more detailed meet information under their Meets tab.

Our national governing body is USA Swimming. USA Swimming’s website is http://www.usaswimming.org/. An amazing resource for parents, swimmers, and coaches. Register your swimmers for an account through the USA Swimming website and track all of their times, improvement, and what this sport is all about through Deck Pass.

For those of you using Facebook, I also push interesting articles to our Wind N Sea FB group page Wind N Sea Swim Team. Join the group!

Normal practice times —

please check our home or calendar pages for summer practice times or schedule changes

Novice – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4:30–5:00 pm

White – Tuesday & Thursday, 4:15–5:00 pm ; Friday, 4:30–5:30 pm

Red – Monday–Friday, Fri 5–6 Blue – Monday–Friday, dryland 2:30, swim 3–4:30 pm

Senior – Monday–Thursday; dryland 2:30, swim 3:00–5:00 pm; Friday dryland 2:30, swim 3–4:30

Practice location

Pool info:
Coggan Family Aquatic Complex
800 Nautilus Street, CA 92037-6158
(858) 456-0945

Where to find the meet schedule

For meets Wind N Sea Swim Team is attending as a team see our calendar page. To see the listing of all San Diego area meets, visit the LSC Web page http://www.si-swimming.org.

Proper swim attire

Proper swim attire for a club swim team is:

for girls a one-piece lycra or nylon practice suit, a swim cap (for longer hair—WSST provides two caps when you sign up) and goggles

for boys a one-piece lycra or nylon practice suit (can be the longer “jammer” type) a swim cap (for longer hair—WSST provides two caps when you sign up) and goggles

Two-piece suits and board shorts are not acceptable practice attire.

What type of equipment do I need to bring to practice?

Novice, White & Red groups Suit, goggles, cap, fins, water bottle

Blue & Senior groups Suit, goggles, cap, equipment bag, fins, hand paddles, snorkle (fron mounted by Finis or comparable), band, water bottle, sun screen!

Wind N Sea training groups and skills needed for those groups

Criteria that are used in deciding placement level…

  • Skill proficiency
  • Training performance (test sets) and attendance
  • Swim meet performance and attendance


Swimmers are introduced to the sport of swimming through a fun, energetic atmosphere. Practice is geared toward introductory swimming essentials such as how to use the clock, general freestyle technique, and lane etiquette. The primary goal of Novice is to develop an interest in the sport through a positive, non-stressful environment. Stroke technique and aerobic shape are secondary to the primary goal of having fun!

Noviceskills needed<

  • Attend 2/3 practices per week


Swimmers develop basic stroke technique skills in all four strokes. Workouts consist primarily of stroke instruction and early development of competitive swimming themes. Swimmers work toward becoming strong enough to begin basic workouts. White group swimmers are invited to compete only if and when they are ready.

Whiteskills needed: as above plus

  • Legal breaststroke (kick, turns, pullouts, etc)
  • Legal backstroke (turns, finishes)
  • Freestyle flip turns
  • USA Swimming Race Start Certification
  • Attend 2/3 practices per week
  • Attend 6 meets per year


Swimmers learn basic workout techniques and continue to develop technique in all four competitive strokes. Technique is still be the primary focus of the red group, but is conducted in the framework of basic workouts. Athletes learn the fundamental aspects of competitive training such as lane etiquette and clock reading. Workouts are designed to develop stroke technique and strengthen swimmers to reach the blue workout level. Some competition in encouraged at this level.

Redskills needed: as above plus

  • All legal strokes and associated starts, turns, etc
  • Training performance
  • Ability to do pushups and exit the pool without a ladder
  • Ability to use the Pace Clock
  • 10×25 yards @ :30 sprint
  • 10×50 yards @ 1:00
  • Attend 3-5 practices per week
  • Achieve 3 BB USA Swimming time standards
  • Blue

Swimmers continue their stroke technique development while increasing their training load. More competitive themes in both technique and training are employed and swimmers will begin discovering how hard work can improve their swimming ability. Swimmers should participate in outside competitions while building team skills. Effort and learning are the standards for success and swim times should not be stressed.

Blueskills needed: as above plus

  • Attend 4-5 practices per week
  • Be able to complete 10×100 free @ 1:30
  • Be able to complete 10×100 IM @ 1:45
  • Finish the T-30 test with 2200 yards swum
  • Attend 12 plus meets per year
  • Achieve 3 A USA Swimming time standards
  • Complete USA Swimming’s IM Ready Challenge


The senior team is the main competition team. Swimmers take part in a full competitive training season and participate in a full season of swim meets. Competitive stroke techniques are refined and training is increased from the blue level as swimmers are now training to improve their swim times. Competitive training and strength building techniques are a part of every workout. Discipline and hard work are introduced as an avenue to success.

Seniorskills needed: as above plus

  • Attend all practices
  • Be able to complete 10×100 @ 1:20
  • Be able to complete 10×100 @ 1:35
  • Finish the T-30 test with 2400 yards swum
  • Achieve 3 AA USA Swimming time standards
  • Achieve 6 Junior Olympic time standards
  • Complete USA Swimming’s IM Xtreme Challenge with 2000 points

Senior plus (mornings) – skills needed: as above plus

  • Attend all practices as scheduled by coach
  • 10×100 free@ 1:15
  • 10×100 IM @ 1:30
  • T 30 test at 2600 yards
  • USA Swimming standards – multiple AAA
  • IMX Challenge – 2500 points

Wind N Sea’s Safe Sport Policies

At Wind N Sea Swimming we are dedicated to providing the best and safest environment for our athletes to train in. To that end we have posted a Safe Sport Info page with links to the USA swimming page it has drafted about the steps USA Swimming is taking to ensure the safety of all of its swimmers.