Wind N Sea Swim Photos

Many pictures of our swimmers at practice and meets. Click on the pictures below to see more pictures, larger. If you would like to see your swimmer’s pictures here, please send them to your coaches. It is great to see the kids developing their swimming over the years.

At the WSST C Meet in December 2016!


Growing up with WSST… Dominick has been swimming with us since at least 2005 when he was 6! He’s now a Junior at La Jolla!

Dominck with friends in 2010

Dominck with Jason Lezak in 2016!!

Far Westerns, March–April 2016

From left: Parker Seale, Dominick Wallace, Paton!

Far Westerns April 2016

Junior Olympic Championships, 13-14 boys relay

From left: Ivann Romero, Adrian Jimenez. Tim Abdubek. Pierce Dietze

JOs boys 13-14 relay 2016

San Diego All Starts 13-14 boys. Pierce Dietze 3rd from left...

San Diego All Starts Boys 13-14, Pierce Dietze third from left

Pierce Dietze at Winter Age Group Championships Dec 19–21

Wind N Sea Swimmers (and their caps) in China on the great wall!!

Kate Hartford on the Great Wall of China

Kate Hartford and Greta Fehlan on the Great Wall of china that they climbed on Monday. The girls hiked 20 guard towers and almost 6 miles of the wall!

Kate's cap on the Great Wall of China

Pentathlon –– 8th Place, Franco Bragan-Fitzgerald, 10 yr. old!

La Jolla Rough Water 2015 Pics!

Finn and Lucas

Ella and Lucas, Cove champs!

Girls 9 starting line

Boys 11 starting line

Left to right: Finn Bugelli, Jake Gabriel, Will MacDonald

Boys 10 starting out

10s starting out on swim

Finn finishing

Rhys finishing

Michelle Kimball, Leigh Ann Mallinger, Jensine Bugelli, Ciara Franke, Bennett Bugelli

Michelle Kimball, Shealie Brew, Leigh Ann Mallinger, Jensine Bugelli, Bennett Bugelli, Ciara Franke, Kneeling - Jaden Hackbarth

Jensine finishing

Ciara Franke and Bennett Bugelli finishing

Michelle Kimball finishing

Shealie Brew finishing

Parker Seale, John Murphy and Jensine Bugelli

Will and Kate McDonald

Will and Kate McDonald with Dad Dennis who swam too!!

Summer Fun Fest 2015!!


left to right..... Zachary Wallace, Pierce Dietze, Parker Seale, Dominick Wallace
Sectionals relay! dropped 6 seconds from seed time. Finished 14th place. Broke the team record by 10 seconds! Great meet so far....pretty hot (mid to upper 90s) but the kids are handling it and swimming pretty fast!

CIF State Champs 2015

Left to right: Simon Hirschfield, Addie Seale, Reed Vickerman, Ciara Franke, Parker Seale, Cora McClelland, Dominick Wallace

WSST at Austin’s Arena Pro series meet...

Cora McClelland and Tim Yen eating some Austin bbq at arena pro swim series this past weekend. Don't worry, their parents and Paton helped!


WSST Fun Halloween Practice 2014!

Spooky Coaches!

Alice & The Mad Hatter

Fun & games practice-- relays... with pumpkins!

Ready, GO!

What's in the pumpkin, anyway?

Heading on back...

Kicking is so much fun


Kicking ...

Kicking ... hey, no pulling!

Team picture!

No, wait, you move over there...

Ta da! Happy Hallowen!

Jensine Bugelli, behind the blocks before 200 M FLY at PS A/B Meet on Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Old Photos

Oct 2, Freestyle Festival 2004
Nov 6/7 BC Meet 2004
Halloween Novice Meet 2004
Pablo Morales & WSST 2004
Fallbrook 07/08/05
Cal State Games 07/16/05
JOs, 07/03/05
ABC 12&U, Feb 10–12, 2006
BC All Ages, Jan 13–15, 2006
JOs 2006
Beach Workout May 2006
WSST Meet June 2006
Summer Wrap Up 2006
December 2006
Melia's Open Water Swim 07
February 2007
SBA AB Meet, May 2008
Far West 2008
Summer Wrap Up 2008
Western Zones 2008
picture picture summer wrap up 08 Western Zones 08
Cove practice, Sept 08
Splash Bash, October 12, 2008
WSST A/B/C All Ages, 10/2–6/08
RSD A/B All Ages, Nov 7–9, 2008
picture splashbash08 RSDmeet1108 RSDmeet1108
Cove Dip, Jan 09
Sectionals, March 09
Far Westerns, March/April 09
WSST C All Ages, June 09
newyearsdip splashbash08 RSDmeet1108 WSST0609
Grand Prix, January 2010
Far Westerns, April 2010
WSST C Meet, May 15-16, 2010
LA Gran Prix, Aug 8–11, 2010
GrandPrix10 splashbash08 WSST0510 LAgranprix
JOs, Aug 19–22, 2010
La Jolla Rough Water Swim, 2010
Novice Fun Meet, Feb 6, 2011
Far Westerns, Mar 30–Apr 3, '11
GrandPrix10 LJRWS2010 novicefun11 farwestthum
J. Lezak Padres game, 06/11
Coronado Rough Water Swim 11
NCA ABC 12&U, July 2011
JOs Summer July 2011
jasonlezak CRWS11 JOs11 JOs11
Coronado Meet, 07/11
12&U Pentathlon, Dec 2–4/11
12&U Pentathlon, Dec 2–4/11
Austin Grand Prix, Jan 2012
oss0711 oss0711 pent1211 austin12
JOs, Feb 24–26, 2012
NCA May 25–27, 2012
Santa Clara May 31–Jun 3, '12
WSST C All Ages Jun '12
austin12 austin12 austin12 austin12
Freestyle Festival, Sept 2012
Halloween Oct 2012
WSST C All Ages, Nov 3-4,12
austin12 wsst1012