Wind N Sea Swim Team Fees

Welcome to the Wind N Sea Swim Team. You have been to the evaluation now you need to take care of the following registration procedures. ALL are REQUIRED to be a member of this swim team! For a PDF file of the USA Swimming registration form, click here.


These cover our team expenses such as pool time, coach’s salary, administration costs, team savings etc… The team dues include: new registration, admin, late, re-instatement and credit card fees depending on the individual.

The quarterly billing cycle means you will receive an email invoice every Jan, April, July, and Oct.

If you are starting in the middle of the quarter your initial payment will be prorated by month and you will be on the regular billing cycle when the next quarterly bills go out to the entire team.

Make checks out to: WIND N SEA SWIM TEAM
Give check to Paton on deck or mail to: 737 Emerald Street, San Diego, CA 92109

QUARTERLY TEAM DUES (3-month) Coaches will tell you at evaluation which group
Black - $300; Blue - $255; Red - $220, White - $205, Novice - $190

Black - $100/mo; Blue - $85/mo; Red - $75/mo; White - $70/mo; Novice - $65/mo


OTHER FEES (you may see these on future bills)
Annual administration fee — $30 every January bill - all families
Late fee — $30  if dues are not paid within 15 days of invoice
Re-Instatement fee — $40 if your swimmer takes a quarter off
Multiple-child discount — $15 for 2nd child; $25 for each additional child


ALL swimmers must have access to the pool through some type of pool membership. If this fee is not paid the front desk has the right to refuse entry into the pool at the gate. Stay on top of this membership to make sure your kids are not stranded outside of the pool—watch them enter the pool before driving away. The pool has different packages and these fees are taken care of at the front gate during any open pool hours. DO NOT PAY THESE TO WIND N SEA, YOU MUST PAY THE POOL.

3) USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP - Annual Fee - $68 (2018)

Regardless of competitive level all swimmers must be a member of the national organization called USA Swimming. It covers our insurance and is MANDATORY FOR EVERY SWIMMER. It also is required for competition. If you are just planning on swimming this summer there is a prorated membership but it will expire in August and you must renew then to be on the team. All full memberships must renew in January. You must complete the USA Swimming application form (click here) and bring your check to the ALL Sports office personally. They will also need your child's ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE (not a copy) for age verification.

Here is a map to the new All Sports office: