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Notes From Paton -- May 2017


Great job these past two weeks by WSST swimmers representing their high school teams! Let's get our next group of young swimmers on the deck and racing in the pool!

MRA C meet entries (May 27-28) are due to me by Tuesday (May 16) before I leave the pool at 4:30pm. Turn them in early!

All information is on our calendar. Meet entry forms are on our website under forms. This is a great meet for about 95% of our team. Check with your coaches.

CIF meet highlights:

  • 22 of our high school swimmers represented 4 local high schools!
  • Those with individual event results can be found on our calendar.
  • Several of those will be going on to compete at the State Championships in Clovis next week!
  • 29 best times! 4 team records!
  • Dominick Wallace with our second Summer Junior National Qualifying time!
  • Dominick, Parker, Ciara, Bennett, and Pierce all qualified for the Future Champs in Santa Clara this summer!
  • Dominick, Parker, Adam, Ciara, Pierce, Jacob, and Bennett qualified for Sectional Champs this summer in La Mirada!

Take a look!

Thanks! Paton

WSST at championship meets!!

JO Champs 11-12 boys relay. Placed 5th just missing our team record! Swimmers, Franco Bragan Fitzgerald, Ben Jimenez, Ryan Sterzenbach, and Yuto Fraley (names not in order)

9 of our swimmers competed in the 14 and under Junior Olympic Championships. They did a great job of swimming fast even while shivering and turning blue from the cold weather. Their results can be found on our calendar. Click on the event, Feb 25-26, click on More Details, click on the specific pdfs.

Our 9 swimmers swam 32 individual races (9 in finals!) and one relay (5th!). Natalie DiMeo earned 27 points in her 3 top 16 finishes! 7 improved USA Standards and 3 new Far Western Championship cuts (Natalie, Natalia, and Yuto). Well done!

On to Sectional Championships this Friday to Sunday in Carlsbad for some of our high school swimmers! Several of our swimmers are seeded well and have multiple chances to score points!

9 of our swimmers have entered the JO Max Championship meet the following weekend and are looking forward to competing and showing how all their hard work can pay off!

Lots going on....check that calendar.


Make sure to check the calendar for all our upcoming events, meets, practice schedules etc.!

Make sure to check our WSST calendar! Swim meets are scheduled through March. I will add more detailed information as it becomes available.

Check this website and our calendar page for upcoming swim meets, entry deadlines, procedures for entering meets, etc.

Make a NOTE -- USA swim registration form is now 2017

Click here to get 2017 registration forms!!

Check it out!

The photo at the left is from the USA Swimming Swimposium. Caitlin Leverenz, Jason Lezak, and WSST swimmer Kirra Fisk!

WSST Swimmers are All American!!

Parker Seale and Dominick Wallace named to USA Swimming's Scholastic All American team! Winter Junior National times as well as grade point average considered. Click here to see all the All Americans.

Rain policy

Our policy is to still hold practice when it rains. However, if there is lightning, the pool and deck have to be cleared for at least 30 minutes. If the pool has to be cleared during Novice, White, or Red group practice, that basically ends the practice and swimmers will be asked to dress and go home when their parents pick them up. With Blue and Black groups practices being longer, they may wait until the pool is reopened and resume practice.


Meet Schedule

We have consolidated the meets we will be attending as a team. All of the meets can be found on our calendar. As the information becomes available, you will also find specific meet information, eligibility reports, entry reports, and meet results. You can learn more about the meet entry process and what to expect on our website. http://www.windnseaswimteam.com/meetinfo.html. 

Meet entries are typically due to me about 12 days before the meet. I can always take entries earlier. I can not always take entries later as I have to process our entire team's entries and get them in ahead of the deadline. It can take awhile to figure everything out.

Check in with experienced parents, the website, and coaches (when not coaching) to see which meets you should be looking at.

We expect all swimmers to wear team uniforms at swim meets as everything becomes available. Get your suits!

* * * * * *

We’ve set up a new way to view all things swim meet oriented! Eligibility reports, meet information, results, records, etc.

  • Go to our web page calendar. http://www.windnseaswimteam.com/calendar.html
  • Click on the event in question. A small box pops up.
  • Click on the “more details” link. lower left of the box.
  • Listed under “Attachment”, you will see pdf links like: tmiresults.pdf and tmrecordmatch.pdf.
  • Click on which ever one you need to view. I’ve set everything to public viewing. If you have any problems, let me know.

If you go to future events, you will see pdf attachments for meet information, eligibility reports, meet entries, etc. Take a look! Explore!

* * * * * *

For parenting / swimming / coaching articles, check our Parents Page!

The Art of Swim Parenting, by Gary Hall, Sr.

Click here for a great article on the art of swim parenting, in a nutshelll, by someone who should know: http://swimswam.com/what-is-the-art-of-swim-parenting/

* * * * * *

Coach Casadia, a longtime coach in New Jersey, put the following message on a sign in his pool and made up plastic gift cards for his parents with this great message.

“Your child’s success or lack of success in sports does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But having an athlete who is coachable, respectful, a great teammate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best is a direct reflection of your parenting.”

– Coach John A. Casadia, Vineland, NJ

Meet results

All meet results can be found on our calendar page.
Find the meet on our calendar and click on it. Click on more details. Click on the attachment. Just past halfway down the page.

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Getting started

Everyone should receive email invoices when dues are due. Bring cash/check payment to practice as soon as possible. Be sure you are registered with USA Swimming if you are not already. Click here for a registration form. This needs to happen by January 1st. Please get this done today.

Familiarize yourselves with this website. For meet schedules and meet results, use our Calendar page. You can find team records and time standards on our Team Stats website, or at the San Diego Imperial website (our local US Swimming committee) plus all you need to know about how meets work on our meetinfo page.

Our Local Swim Committee (LSC) (San Diego-Imperial) website is also very useful and has more detailed meet information under their Meets tab.

Our national governing body is USA Swimming. USA Swimming’s website is http://www.usaswimming.org/. An amazing resource for parents, swimmers, and coaches. Register your swimmers for an account through the USA Swimming website and track all of their times, improvement, and what this sport is all about through Deck Pass.

FB For those of you using Facebook, I also push interesting articles to our Wind N Sea FB group page Wind N Sea Swim Team. Join the group!

USA Swimming Registration!!!

USA Swimming registration! Check your USA Swimming registration card! Make sure your swimmer is registered for the current year. Unless you've registered since this September, your membership expires at the end of the calendar year. All swimmers must be registered to practice! It's not just for swim meets. Click here for the current form.

Odds & Ends

Please check our calendar and emails for the schedules.

Check our calendar for more details on each meet. Note the entry deadlines on meet information are deadlines for me to turn in our team entries. Your entries are typically due on Monday, 12 days prior to the meet.

Check out USA Swimming's website for even more information from a national level!

Upcoming Schedule Changes

Check back periodically for up-to-date notices about cancellations and practice schedule changes due to activities at the pool, Spring break, etc. or check our Calendar page!

Please check the Calendar Page for any upcoming schedule changes