Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race: Malek Attie and Coach Paton

Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race: Reid Krebs

Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race

Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race: Alex West (left) and Maddie Cayer

Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race: left – Margareta Backlund, right – Natalie Dimeo

Friday morning’s Cove swim/Coronado Virtual Open Water race: Petunia Rizo left and Sanchia Milton right

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Notes From Paton


June 19, 2020

WSST Schedule for the upcoming week:

Monday, June 22:
Novice – 5:00 to 5:30 pm (9 lanes)
Red – 5:00 to 6:00 pm  (7 lanes)
Senior – 5:45 to 8:00 pm (probably won’t use the entire two hours) 12 lanes
Blue – 6:10 to 7:45 pm (probably won’t use the entire 1.5 hours) 6 lanes

Tuesday, June 23:
White – 5:00 to 5:45 pm (7 lanes)
Red – 5:00 to 5:50 pm (7 lanes)
Blue – 6:00 to 7:30 pm (6 lanes)
Senior – 6:00 to 8:00 pm (12 lanes)

Wednesday, June 24:
Same as Monday

Thursday, June 25:
Same as Tuesday

Friday, June 26 (subject to slight adjustment): 
Novice – 5:00 to 5:30 pm
Red – 5:00 6:00 pm
White – 5:40 to 6:20 pm
Blue – 6:10 to 7:30 pm
Senior – 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Thank you!  Please continue to wash your hands, wear your face mask, and practice physical distancing.

We are working with the pool to open more lanes to other programs.  We will work on a system to keep swimmers physically distant but allow for more swimmers per lane.  

Hopefully we will develop something that will allow us to bring in the over 30 swimmers on our waiting list and restart try outs for new swimmers. 

May 30, 2020


April 8, 2020

Of course everyone knows the pools are closed indefinitely!

We have added a new file to our Safe Sport page. You can find it here




April 16

I am excited to announce that Wind N Sea Swim Team has entered a team sponsorship agreement with TYR!

TYR will be working closely with me to help promote our team brand.  That starts with how our swimmers, coaches, and parents look on the deck.  We will now have team suits, apparel, and equipment. TYR is a local company (Huntington Beach) that is a big company in the swimming community.

Get yours at Paradowski’s today!

Make sure to check the calendar for all our upcoming events, meets, practice schedules etc.!

Make sure to check our WSST calendar! Swim meets are scheduled through March. I will add more detailed information as it becomes available.

Check this website and our calendar page for upcoming swim meets, entry deadlines, procedures for entering meets, etc.

We’ve set up a new way to view all things swim meet oriented! Eligibility reports, meet information, results, records, etc.

  • Go to our web page calendar
  • Click on the event in question. A small box pops up.
  • Click on the “more details” link. lower left of the box.
  • Listed under “Attachment”, you will see pdf links like: tmiresults.pdf and tmrecordmatch.pdf.
  • Click on which ever one you need to view. I’ve set everything to public viewing. If you have any problems, let me know.

If you go to future events, you will see pdf attachments for meet information, eligibility reports, meet entries, etc. Take a look! Explore!